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TEMA: Dodge Ram rear end problems

Dodge Ram rear end problems 2 años 2 meses antes #900

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I can't remember when I bought it. First time it was covered under extended warranty, second time I shelled out $1200+ for them to rebuild, and now it is warranty again because it is failing 6 month / 11,000 miles later. I'm thinking they just keep screwing up and instead of insuring everything is shimmed properly and backslashes are correct, they just keep setting it up the same way. Anyone else have poor experiences with their Dodge rear ends?? It's one of many problems I've had with the truck. So far on top of the rear end problems I've personally replaced the transmission shift solenoid because it only drove forward in 4th gear, the heater blender door actuator (twice), and an exhaust leak which was caused by broken exhaust studs

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Dodge Ram rear end problems 4 meses 3 semanas antes #205576

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